Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Student Loans Suck!

Who has ever been totally screwed over by a student loan company?!  I mean, am I alone in this?!  I paid my student loan for 12 years and then had to re-write my mortgage to pay off the remaining balance.  Years go by, thinking all is finally resolved, and suddenly, out of the blue, a Collections Agency calls me today and claims that I still owe $14,000.00; $9,000 principle and $5,000 interest on an unpaid account that spans many years.  What kind of crap is that?!  No one contacts me for 4 years, and then suddenly this phantom debt occurs that includes $5,000 of compound interest?! Advice anyone?!  Has this ever happened to you?  How did you resolve the debt?!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stuff Happens - Deal With It!

Yep, stuff happens.  Life happens.  Good things happen, bad things happen.  It is what it is.  It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel though when it never rains but pours.  When it all comes pouring down, it's important to remember that it could be worse!  It could always be worse!  Many of us have experienced the loss of a job, the breakdown of a marriage, the death of a parent (or worse - a child!).  The feelings of grief, the sense of loss, the social exclusion....these are some powerful pains.  Life is a daily struggle but we just carry on.  It's easy to type the words "find the positives in any situation" but that is what this blog is intended for.  This writer has experienced some devastating losses in life and countless frustrations and has somehow carried on and has managed to pick oneself up over and over again.  Please feel free to share your experiences and what strategies worked to improve your situation or even simply brightened one single day.

23/5/2012 - So here's my misery for the day...the window motor in my car broke.  My window is half-way down and it's not going anywhere!  Oh perfect, it's going to cost $450.00 to fix it, but pay day is not for another week.  Just bloody lovely! I'm stressed about how I'm going to come up with the money to fix it........I know I don't have it.........but, it's not raining today so I just focused on the beautiful weather, knowing I would have rolled my window down today anyway! It's not the end of the world!

24/5/2012 - The sun is shining today!  Thank goodness, because my window is still broken! My network crashed at work this morning.  Not a great start to the day as I have so much to get caught up on.  Oh well, a bit of down time was nice too! My desk and office space are now organized and that makes me feel more accomplished and in control than pounding away at my keyboard ever would have!  It looks like my network just came on-line again....oh crap!

26/5/2012 - So I spent an entire day cooking almost 3000 lbs of lobster for 800 hungry guests.  14 hours out in the sun sweating and slaving away!  Did I get to sit and enjoy some of these delicious treats though? Nope!  Not even 1! Seriously!!!  On the brighter side, I sure got a great tan!  I'll eat lobster another day!

28/05/2012 - Well it's been an interesting day...quite a while ago, I had lost my job.  I was devastated.  It took 8 months to get back to work, and even still, I had to take a 50% pay cut just to get back into the workforce and avoid losing my house, bankruptcy, etc.  I have two degrees, I am fluently bilingual and have well over a decade of excellence re: employment history, so after 8 months of unemployment, it was pretty tough to take such a huge step backwards.  Now that I am back to work, however, I have regained my confidence in my own skills and am very much focused. I am making a real difference to an agency that was lacking the experience and skill sets that I possess, and so I am really getting noticed in this new field.  Today, I received 2 calls from 2 agencies who are interested in hiring me onto their Senior Management teams.  What a boost that was!  Maybe I needed to have a good fall from grace to appreciate myself again and to refocus on what is important in the career that I chose.  They say that every negative situation has its purpose and that it all works out in the end.  I think they might have something there.....!